W.H. Davies, The True Traveller


Rory Waterman

Selected works of memoir, poetry and prose from WH Davies, known as the ‘tramp poet’.

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W. H. Davies (1871 – 1940) was popularly though reductively known as the ‘tramp-poet’ due to his remarkable journey from vagrancy, in Britain and the United States, to considerable literary success. ‘Discovered’ in part by Edward Thomas, who admired his poetry, Davies became a prolific memoirist and occasional writer of fiction, criticism and drama. He is now known almost exclusively for a handful of poems and for his memoir The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp; his other writing has long been out of print. This book collects generous selections from Davies’s prose memoir, poetry, and critical prose, alongside comprehensive notes. It brings back into print the work of a remarkable, controversial and unduly neglected author.

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