Funny Ha-Ha, Funny Peculiar: A Book of Strange and Comic Poems



Anthology of contemporary comic poems/

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This lively anthology brings together two kinds of funny: humorous poems that make you laugh or smile (funny ha-ha), and strange, surreal, witty or plain weird poems (funny peculiar). There has always been a tradition of comic and curious verse in English poetry, but in contemporary poetry the peculiar has really come into its own, as this surprising selection shows, with poems on: 1 l The Opposite Sex: Love, desire, romance, sex, men & women, adultery & celibacy. 2 l Matters of Life & Death: Life, growing up, growing old, bums & hips, swearing & shaving, amnesia & the end. 3 l Nowt So Funny as Folk: Shops & wheelbarrows, poets & artists, jobs and jobless, war & oppression. 4 l Peculiar Places: Skunks in America, England & Scotland, curries & selfies, Armageddon & colonic irrigation. 5 l Sounds True: Lies & beliefs, Popes & poodles, ?re alarms, tennis, rain, static, and Country & Western music. 6 l Animal Magic: Goats, sheep, chickens, yaks, cows, bison, horses, herons, chameleons & crustaceans. And people… 7 l Words & Worse: Adages & proverbs, curses & cliches, slang & swearing. Anti-proverbs butter all your parsnips.

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