Anglo-Saxon Poems, Charms, and Proverbs Volume 1


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Old English (Ænglisc) is the earliest recorded form of the English language. It was brought to Britain by Anglo-Saxon settlers in the mid-5th century. The first literary works in Old English date from the mid 7th century. Spelling was not standardised but varied by region and dialect over time.

Contained in this book:

  • Chronicle Poems (The Capture of the Five Boroughs, The Coronation of Edgar, The Death of Edward)
  • Metrical Charms (Charm 8 For a Swarm of Bees, Charm 12 Against a Wen, Charm 10 For Loss of Cattle, Charm 7 For the Water-Elf Disease, Charm 5 For Loss of Cattle, Charm 9 For Loss of Cattle, Charm 3 Against a Dwarf)
  • Other Poems (A Proverb from Winfrid’s Time, The Gloria II, Bede’s Death Song (Northumbrian Version), Bede’s Death Song (The Hague Version), Bede’s Death Song (West Saxon Version), Latin-English Proverbs, The Brussels Cross, Caedmon’s Hymn (Northumbrian Version), Caedmon’s Hymn (West Saxon Version), Thureth, Aldhelm, Durham, A Summons to Prayer, Waldere B)
  • The Exeter Book (Pharaoh, Alms-Giving, The Lord’s Prayer I, The Partridge, Homiletic Fragment II, Wulf and Eadwacer)

The texts are presented in their original Old English, with a literal word-for-word line-by-line translation, and a Modern English translation, all side-by-side. In this way, it is possible to see and feel how Old English worked and how it has evolved.

Also included are individual word lists for each text, and an overall word list with 1,409 Old English words translated into English, and 1,114 English words translated into Old English.

This book is designed to be of use and interest to anyone with a passion for the Old English language, Anglo-Saxon history, or languages and history in general.

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