52Euros: Containing 26 Men and 26 Women in a Double A – Z of European Poets in Translation


John Gallas

A ‘wonderfully wonky mix of the popular, mad, cool, merry and ancient’ by the New-Zealand born poet and translator, John Gallas.

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John Gallas, who guided us around the world in his celebrated anthology The Song Atlas, here zooms in on Europe. The poems he perfects in English are chosen from the work of the famous (Akhmatova, Baudelaire, Pasolini) and the still-to-be-known (the Olafsson brothers, Renee Vivien, Yulia Zhadovskaya). Native speakers provide him with literal translations and the poems’ sounds. Gallas then ‘re-poems’ them. They constitute an exhilarating poetic journey across a continent and through time. All human life is here: love and despair, wild excess and wistful calm. Gallas understands the many musics of language. His book is a trove of the purest currency of Europe, poetry.

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