100 Poems to Save the Earth


‘100 Poems to Save the Earth’ represents a positive and determined movement to change for the better how human beings interact with the natural environment. The poems uphold values of ‘ecological justice,’ a movement that works not only on improving human beings’ relationships with nature, but that recognizes links with social problems.

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This landmark anthology, 100 Poems to Save the Earth, presents a positive and determined impulse to change for the better how human beings interact with the environment.

These imaginative, questing poems reveal our crisis as fundamentally a crisis of perception. We can no longer view Earth as a collection of resources to be exploited but must see it as the living web of connections and relationships that it is.

The voices gathered call for ecological justice, an ethics of care for the earth and for each other. The eclectic mix of poets – rural and urban – link issues of social injustice and the need to protect the environment, emphasizing a sweeping urgency. The time for awareness building is over. This anthology, with its incisive Foreword, is a call to action to fight the threat facing the only planet we have.

Poetry has the power to inspire thought and action. As these poems show, it speaks directly but is the opposite of simplistic; it can be subtle and allusive, consoling or incendiary. And it can play a part in saving the earth.

‘This compelling suite of poems is a timely reminder to cherish, to celebrate. What could be more enjoyable than beautiful poems about this beautiful planet? This collection is immediate, moving, wise and unforgettable as it is unputdownable!’ – Daljit Nagra

‘These achingly beautiful poems, from a range of stellar talents, animate and explore the sometimes-frayed connection we have with our precious planet and remind us how to refind ourselves amid the landscape we call home’- Sonya Huber

‘Neither one hundred nor one billion poems will save the planet, but it is an absolute necessity for poets to celebrate our world and engage with its future. This is a marvellous compendium to show how they are attempting this?’ – Robert Minhinnick

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