Virgil’s Eclogues: Damon et Alphesiboeus


Virgil ( Publius Virgilius Maro )

C R Gillard, C. R. Gillard, Sewn Wrappers, Very Good

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AB115333, Virgil ( Publius Virgilius Maro ), C. R. Gillard, Virgil’s Eclogues: Damon et Alphesiboeus, Newport, 1969, C R Gillard, First Edition, Sewn Wrappers, Very Good, A4, Signed by Publisher, 11pp.including frontis. illustration. Uncut. This edition consisting of 18 copies (this no.9), the text being printed in 14 point Bembo Italic with 2 point leading. The illustration was printed by off-set litho on T H Saunders handmade paper. The text is the dialogue between Damon and Alphesiboeus. Each chorus is marked with an O printed, as are the titles, in red. Unprinted white covers lightly soiled. Self evidently scarce.

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First Edition



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Sewn Wrappers

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Signed by Publisher

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Very Good