Torque #5 + Object #8 Collaborative Issue


Fodaski Elizabeth & Fitterman Robert (editors)

The Editors, Card Wrappers, Fine

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AB114329, Fodaski Elizabeth & Fitterman Robert (editors), Torque #5 + Object #8 Collaborative Issue, New York, 1998, The Editors, First Edition, Card Wrappers, Fine, 77pp. Aside from those of the editors contributions from Rodrigo Toscano, Jessica Grim, Hung Q. Tu, Brian Kim Stefans, Stacy Doris, Ben Friedlander, Kim Rosenfield, Jessica Tollner, Kevin Killian, William Fuller, Richard Roundy, Bruce Andrews, Deiedre Kovac & Rod Smith, Chim Nwabueze, Jen Hofer, Andrew Levy, Drew Gardner, Hannah Weiner, Charles Borkhuis, Buck Downs, Laynie Browne, Chet Weiner & Robert Kocik. Pencilled signature of Miles Champion.

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Card Wrappers

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