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Sidney Keyes

Sidney Keyes was killed in action in Tunisia in 1943. He was 20 years old. With Keith Douglas and Alun Lewis he is one of the oustanding poets of World War II. His dramatic monologues, his poems of landscape, of the weird and macabre, his mastery of blank verse, set him apart.

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Including a wide variety of poems and dramatic monologues, this collection of Sidney Keyes s work demonstrates the poet s mastery of literature. Keyes was considered by some to be a prodigy, writing strikingly even before his undergraduate years at Oxford. His work illustrates his fusion of Romanticism and Continental style derived from his interest in such artists as Rilke, Wordsworth, Yeats, Schiller, and Klee. His unique, macabre, pastoral landscapes wildly separate him from his contemporaries.”

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